About Us

Growing self-awareness compels us to create, and this site is a result of that demand. Our explorations of humanity, self and love, are focused on on photography and literature, but we employ other media such as video, sculpture, and light.

Myesha Callahan Freet

Throughout development of her photographic interests in self-portraiture, lifestyle photography, and documentary photography, Myesha's work has been deeply personal, deriving from her mischaracterization by those around her.

Personal evolution of self is reflected in not only her photography, but also her abstract paintings and mixed media sculptures utilizing found objects. She holds a bachelors of fine arts in photography/digital media with a minor in art history from the University of Houston. She is married to Christian Freet.

Christian Freet

Growing up poor in the south made introspection a natural subject. Today his personal work is focused on developing the connection between personality and his past in Louisiana, condensing recent self-awareness into imagery and literature.

Edward Weston, Daido Moriyama, Trent Parke, and Lhamo Dondrub, among others, are inspirations. He is a self-taught artist and designer, with an academic background in chemical engineering; his passion is working along side his wife Myesha, one of Christian's favorite subjects.