With all of the planning, scouting, and packing, moving as many times as we do might seem like a chore if you don’t understand why we do it. We have never regretted our decision to live as semi-nomads, but I’ll admit, there were aspects to the lifestyle we did not understand when we decided to live on the road

Technology and development are meant to ease the burden of living, but all it does is give us the opportunity to contemplate other people’s problems, or envy the neighbors, or think about the meaning of our existence. Despite its romantic facade of improvement, advancement is really just a waste of our time. Given this isn’t written in the dirt, you might

Evening Landscape, Spokane River, May 2019 The Buddha wants us to understand that when it comes to the most profound aspects of our lives, we are the ones who have the authority; it is up to us whether we see the world clearly and live with contentment, or see it through clouds of confusion and struggle.-- Ajahn Munindo from Servant of

Portrait With Sun, May 2019 We both have accomplished material changes, but our emotional lives have also improved. I’m sure we will continue the process. At the same time we are chucking our belongings, we are slowly diminishing our past by letting go of old decisions, and since we met, our connections to our old selves have steadily declined as we

Multiple Exposure Portrait, May 2019 Every day I write at least five pages in a journal. It’s impossible to write that much without repeating myself. Constant iteration on old mistakes can be frustrating, and when I think about the magnitude of my poor decisions in youth, it often makes me feel like I’ve wasted my life. But, I’m learning to deal with

Since I grew up with basically the same story as you, my recent understanding about the worthlessness of love often seems crazy to me, too. That’s because denying the usefulness of the “feelings” I so intimately took for granted my entire life is extremely uncomfortable. Yet when I honestly think about it, my rational conclusions are always the same.We consider

Ted Stevens — Anchorage, April 2019 Our decision to be intentional vagabonds who relocate every few years has made us into better people. There are two main reasons why. By moving consistently, we have inadvertently reduced our capacity to develop a persona. That may sound negative, but it's not. It means we focus more on the meaningful because we have elected to

Self-Portrait in Sunlight, April 2019 Besides love, perhaps happiness is the most misunderstood and elusive state of being. Don't believe me? Then ask Tony Robbins and his financial planner. Americans alone use millions of hours and ten billion dollars every year attempting to find it in their lives, and spend a countless amount of time and money on contrivances to distract

Standing on a Rock, March 2019 My life story is probably similar to yours, even if its duration is different. I spent the first 40 years of it as a trial and error experiment, constantly reacting by instinct and then testing afterwards how I felt, and the only thing I learned is that I suck at leading a life this way.