Installation, Spokane Falls Community College Installation, Spokane Falls Community College The photography department at Spokane Falls Community College requested a collection of portraits from the You'd Look Better With a Smile series, with a display of the images on campus during March and April 2019. An artist talk associated with the exhibition will be held on April 26. Installation, Spokane Falls Community CollegeInstallation,

After a powerful first workshop, the gallery opening in June 2018 of You'd Look Better With a Smile at the Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center was a tribute to the original idea, demonstrating the need to continue the movement catalyzed by this project. Thank you to everyone who attended. Images hanging in JACC for Group 1

Having women complete their own portrait in a group setting created a safe space for each to explore and express their emotions, and during the May workshop all were encouraged to admire themselves. Many women expressed how hard it was to view their own face and found it easier to look at other portraits, some were so emotional that they