We Means 3

Reflection, March 2018 Humans couldn't be social animals if fully conscious of everything words and actions communicated; there would be no secrets, and thoughts would provide no seclusion if we were totally aware of who we are. We would control all our communication. And since we are monogamous we choose our mates with a purpose since we can't be totally honest about

Impermanence, January 2018 While we spend a great deal of time pondering the past and planning for the future, neither of them is occurring right now. The only time we ever live is in the present, but the present is elusive, changing in each nanosecond; we cannot stop the flow of time to examine a fixed present moment.-- Bhisku Tenzin Gyatso

Mundane, January 2018 I do not share because it simply isn't a necessity for me like it used to be. I’ve been hoarding these words for a while. My private thoughts: my life is boring. We sat by the lake and ate lunch as he read from the book we have been reading together daily as a family. The boy was intently listening

Decisions, June 2017 We first confronted our differentness 2000 miles away from home, at two in the morning in the middle of a four day weekend. It started over a simple card game the day before when I politely dismissed a couple people sharing the house with us, friends of friends who had a difference in opinion over the rules. Just after

Changes, March 2017 The worst day of my life was when I saw the look my dad gave me when I told him I was pregnant. I told him and he literally just looked at me, turned around and didn't speak to me for 2 hours. When he finally came to talk to me I thought he was going to yell

Observation, December 2016 Our similarities make it easy. Despite the outward appearances, we are both reserved, thoughtful and shy, so we find each other's uncommon validation very comforting. In spite of two totally different histories, we merged seamlessly, and I will never regret that it took thirty years for us to find each other, because until we met we weren't ready.

Navigation, August 2016 We could be described as modern nomads, but that wouldn't be quite right. While we are always looking ahead we are more intent to enjoy the present, which is why we like to move around so much. And by move we mean experience, however local. The decision making process isn't really logical because, who needs logic? That's part of

Awakening, December 2015 Clearly the boy doesn't think he has to be tough all the time. In fact he is such an emotional and thoughtful little person that we honestly don't know where he gets it from. His innocence is everything to us, and we never wanted to share any of it — until now. This new series will include very