Our First Outing In The Northwest

Our first major exploration was short-lived but dense with love and hijinx. Glacier National Park was the destination, but really it was only a background to the time we spent with family we hadn’t seen in months. You can see images of our visit below, but first the important stuff. While Christian was away on business late july, Vassar and …

Why Did You Move Here?

Now people ask us, ‘why did you move here?’ We’ve met a lot of people in our first six weeks, and everyone asks the same question, so we’ve told the story many times. ‘what brings you to Washington?’ ‘did you move because of your job?’ ‘are you in the military?’ All very reasonable questions; still no one ever just assumes …


Navigation, August 2016

We could be described as modern nomads, but that wouldn’t be quite right. While we are always looking ahead we are more intent to enjoy the present, which is why we like to move around so much. And by move we mean experience, however local.