We are artists compelled by self-awareness.

This website documents our life process. Our explorations of humanity, self and love focus on photography and literature. We also employ other media such as video, sculpture, and light.

About Us

About Us

Myesha Callahan Freet

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Throughout development of her photographic interests in self-portraiture, lifestyle photography, and documentary photography, Myesha's work has been deeply personal, deriving from her mischaracterization by those around her.

Personal evolution of self is reflected in not only her photography, but also her abstract paintings and mixed media sculptures utilizing found objects. She holds a bachelors of fine arts in photography/digital media with a minor in art history from the University of Houston. She is married to Christian Freet.

Christian Freet

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Growing up poor in the south made introspection a natural subject. Today his personal work is focused on developing the connection between personality and his past in Louisiana, condensing recent self-awareness into imagery and literature.

Edward Weston, Daido Moriyama, Trent Parke, and Lhamo Dondrub, among others, are inspirations. He is a self-taught artist and designer, with an academic background in chemical engineering; his passion is working along side his wife Myesha, one of Christian's favorite subjects.

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Journal Entries

  • 2019

    The Origin of Failure A collection of short essays compiled from the 52Weeks series between August 3, 2019 and August 24, 2019, curated here as a record of growth.

    Are You Millitary? After living in Washington, Alaska is our third residence in three and a half years. Maybe our proximity to the Army base is why everyone assumes our relocation was involuntary.

    Rite Of Friendship Our son Vassar turns twelve and learns about friendship - and the life cycle.

  • 2018

    Life Short essays compiled from the 52Weeks series between December 1, 2018 and December 29, 2018, curated here to document our theories on the process of being. For more background, see the related short essays, Death.

    Death A collection of short essays compiled from the 52Weeks series between September 29, 2018 and November 3, 2018, curated here to document our theories of existence. See the related short essays, Life.

  • 2017

    A Look Back Reviewing the progression of our 52Weeks project.

    Father's Day Aside from the great breakfast he made of eggs and toast and leftover chicken (my fave), the boy was clearly up to something because he had to tell me what to wear for the day.

    2500 Miles Solo Written while on the road during a 2500 mile solo motorcycle trip from Houston, Texas to Chattaroy, Washington (See it on a map). Every image was taken with my iPhone 6S.

    Dead Things Here we demonstrate our fascination with a graphical presentation of some found animals.

    Textures Periodically we go hunting exclusively for different patterns in nature or within the man-made world to demonstrate the beauty of unknown scale and abstraction.

    Life Lessons and Guy Tal Christian's thoughts on age, creativity, and Guy Tal.

    Traveling Alone Being away makes me lonely, especially when traveling with a group, and unfortunately we are apart a lot because of the traveling I do for my day job.

    The Day Job and Creativity Other creative people around me have a range of approaches to what they make, and it seems I'm on the more metered end of the spectrum.

    Asia This fourteen-part series is based on our journey to Japan and Indonesia, beginning September 13, 2107. In each post we use our presence on the continent as a broader background for our exploration of our place in this world. Welcome to our private life.

    • Series Entries

      Departure Ironically, as we simplify our lives relating to others has become more complicated because they don't always understand why we reduce. The less we have the more explaining we do.

      Work vs. Leisure Jet-lagged commentary after our arrival in Japan.

      Reality on the Ground The awareness for fellow Japanese is the kind of humility we identify with more than the aggression of our western culture, making it easier for us to relate to the strangers here in Tokyo than with people in America.

      Breakfast and Cynicism Our visit yesterday to the contemporary arts museum was thought provoking, but today's outing to the Buddha at Kōtoku-in was more inspiring for us. So was the old Japanese man I found questioning Myesha.

      Documenting Abroad More than others, this time away from home has helped me better understand how the literary aspect of our creativity is significant to our art.

      Comfortable in Tokyo Spending time with someone who could relate subtleties of Japanese life to westerners was the most valuable experience of this trip so far because it exposed how little we know about living here.

      Travel and Goodbye Our transition from the bustle of Tokyo to serenity in Bali.

      Taxi from Denpasar We could barely stay awake as we crept through traffic to Ubud after the nine hour flight from Tokyo (plus a five hour layover), but we still noticed the details from the taxi.

      Mopeds Everywhere In Bali, where westerners might call the culture primitive and consider the people poor, they simply live different than us. So if they can make it work, what are we afraid of?

      The Hindu Ritual One of the girls on the staff is visiting the small stone statues around the villa with incense and little food offerings wrapped in banana leaf while I sit, lounging on the veranda and catching up with writing.

      Batur This morning almost a thousand tourists paid 450,000 rupees each for the privilege of the 1000 meter ascent to summit Batur before sunrise, and only a few were prepared.

      Aussies Padang padang beach is such a tourist trap. Normally we avoid these kind of places, but it is beautiful enough to tolerate all the fair-skinned Aussies browning themselves in stylish swimwear and drinking beverages from coconut shells, which I thought was imaginary until today.

      Tourists I'm always interested in leaving the US to live abroad, so when we travel, part of my goal is to talk with locals about how they see us.

  • 2016

    Traveling in Texas We live in Washington now, so we made a pilgrimage down south to visit our family during the month of November and, long story short, it wasn't an easy trip and things just didn't go right.

    After Art Crawl Watching Christian for the first time explain our art, why we decided to share these private moments in our lives, the reasons behind inviting the viewer to totally immerse themselves into a select portion of our lives. It made the long day worth it.

    Economics of the Arts Being an artist means difficult economics. Well, being only an artist means difficult economics because for most there isn't much income available

    Day Tripping in Canada On a day trip to a random park near Nelson, British Columbia in Canada we realized that despite being naturalists at heart we don't like public parks.

    First explorations While Christian was away on business late july, Vassar and I had the pleasure of welcoming our Ramas family to Washington.

    Why Did You Move Here? 'What brings you to Washington?' 'Did you move because of your job?' All very reasonable questions; still no one ever just assumes we are modern vagabonds.

    Why are you moving? People ask us all the time, ‘why are you moving up there?’ and rarely do they understand. So few are immediately happy for us. We have been called modern hippies. Some probably think we are crazy.

    Emptiness of social media We struggle with the use of social media, and its inherent emptiness.

    Traveling: Memorial Day This week's working travel take me to Chicago, so I wanted to go into the city. But then I remembered I don't like the traffic there.

    Making the Best of Time We don't take anything for granted, especially the time we have together before I take a long trip away from home and we have to spend weeks apart.

    On the Road in China Boredom and struggling for some creativity on a long working road trip.

    Trees. Just because.

    Silo Shooting This time in transit to family birthday fun, we visited a place we’ve passed probably a hundred times and decided it was time to shoot it. Was it illegal? Who knows.

    The Shadow A creative short story.

    My Poppa A minor ode to the man who will always be my daddy, my poppa, my choppa!

  • 2015

    Breaking and Entering We aspire to be the kind of people who go breaking into old buildings and construction sites more than we do it in reality. We just aren't into getting tickets.

    Comments on Duchemin Random musings about a newly discovered visual artist.

    Social Media Why don't we like social media? Find out here.

    Bruce Percy Exploring personal creativity and thoughts on evolution.

    I am Trent Parke. Sort of. I'm not brave enough to quit my engineering job to live a more creative life, but I still admire this guy and all those who live the life.

    Nervous Yet Confident I'm a nervous yet confident image maker. As always, let me explain.

    No Windmills in China Environmentalism and Chinese ingenuity.



January 01
Solo exhibit: Better With a Smile Group #1, downtown library, Spokane WA
January 12
You'd Look Better With a Smile Group #2, Women's Workshop, downtown library, Spokane WA
January 14
Solo exhibit: Better With a Smile Group #2, downtown library, Spokane WA
March 06
Solo exhibit: Smoke, Hillyard library, Spokane WA
March 11
Solo exhibit: Better With a Smile, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane WA


March 02
Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center Womens History Month, Post Falls ID
March 06
Trajectories Seen, HCC Stafford Campus Fine Arts Center, Houston TX
May 20
You'd Look Better With a Smile Group #1, Women's Workshop, Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center, Post Falls ID
June 15
Solo exhibit: You'd Look Better With a Smile Group #1, Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center, Post Falls ID
September 27
Lights Out, Houston TX
December 03
Solo exhibit: You'd Look Better With a Smile, downtown library, Spokane WA


January 23
Note to Selves, the Hardy and Nance Studios, Houston TX Article
June 21
CallahanFreet moved from Houston TX to Chattaroy WA
October 01
Origins of Fear showing at Little Dog Gallery, Spokane WA
October 08
6x6nw at The Shoreline - Lake Forest Park Arts Council, Shoreline WA
November 19
Art Crawl, Houston TX


October 01
Photo show at Liberty Station, Houston TX
October 27
Photo show at Liberty Station, Houston TX
November 21
Art Crawl, Houston TX