Technology and development are meant to ease the burden of living, but all it does is give us the opportunity to contemplate other people’s problems, or envy the neighbors, or think about the meaning of our existence. Despite its romantic facade of improvement, advancement is really just a waste of our time.

Given this isn’t written in the dirt, you might think I’m a total hypocrite. Well — yeah. That’s unavoidable.



Feet in Uncut Grass, May 2019

Laws, relationships, even biology all prevent the reversal of our advancement. In fact, every framework humans have ever set presumes we do not want to move backwards to a previous states. But, I do. Given the world’s direction, how do I balance finding my spiritual way without becoming a monk? On what do I choose to depend? How do I conduct my life? No technology can help me contemplate this.

In the end, we are all trapped by decisions made before us. What does it mean that in a way we are passively forced to submit to them? We could decide to shun it all, but I’m not sure it’s possible to live independent from our context. So, the answer must lie within.


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