Production: the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured.

I’m a nervous yet confident image maker. As always let me explain:

Nervous because I want the images to relate. I’m not worried about the masses, so stop judging. I’m worried about that ‘one’. If I can reach just one that says something like “that’s legit”, I as an image maker, am happy.

We produce for ourselves. We produce for those like us and those against us. We produce to produce. It’s a lifestyle.

When we find that collaborative nature with another artist it becomes a lifestyle. Our art is a lifestyle.

We are a lifestyle.

Untitled 2, August 2015 Untitled 1, August 2015 Untitled 3, August 2015

Untitled #2, #1, #3 August 2015

Or it could all be that being up there with one of my besties that made it an amazing experience.