1. Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas. One of our favorite places, with a lot of personal meaning; image chosen for the pattern and lack of clarity.

  2. On the edge of the Grand Canyon, in Arizona. One of my first black and white tree ‘landscape’ images and still one of my favorites because of the shape.

  3. Outside of Portland, Oregon. A great time on the beach at sundown, with all the golden light. This was one of the first images I took specifically of light.

  4. At the Sea Shell Temple in central China. I took this only for the striking color of the gold leaves, it was a snapshot of sorts.

  5. Near the Great Wall in central China. Taken from a gondola on the way to the wall, through foggy windows. Still a favorite abstract, one of my first thoughtful ones.

  6. Rattlesnake lake east of Seattle, Washington. One of the most interesting tree ‘bone yards’ and worth the visit to see the stumps.

  7. Near Seattle, Washington. I took this because of the cut tree, something we hate to see. An emotional image for me.

  8. Near Seattle, Washington. Taken because of the interesting shadows and the imagery.

  9. In a park near Houston, Texas. We were just walking around on a day of camping and I thought the light was interesting.

  10. Sculpture garden at New Orleans Museum of Art. A hidden gem that we love, go visit because it’s an amazing place. My subject was the texture of the trees.