This fourteen-part series is based on our journey to Japan and Indonesia, beginning September 13, 2017. In each post we use our presence in Asia as a broader background to the usual exploration of how we fit into this world. Welcome to our private life.

We didn’t want to leave Tokyo, but we were also looking forward to being in the southern hemisphere for the first time. The ana flight that got us there was impressive, with attention to detail that’s virtually nonexistent on American carriers: complimentary whiskey and an allergy-free menu for the boy made for a great transition to Indonesia.

As we left Nippori I only heard two voices today on the train to narita, and both were Americans. They were loud. It was perfect foreshadowing for our re-introduction back home because we had forgotten how annoying our countrymen can be. When we get back to the us next week our perspectives will be a little different and we may have less tolerance for Americans, but right now there are things from home that we still miss, like music (since I haven’t turned on my phone for a week). Aside from all the exploring and new memories in Tokyo, hearing kendrick lamar on the flight to jakarta was a relief, and he will help dealing with the Americans when we return.

It would be nice to combine all the things we love with consistently living overseas. If I could concoct an ideal evening it would be sitting in a small flat with the family, somewhere in asia, listening to salsa and writing about our experience creating images and art from the local scene; I’ll sprinkle in some yeesus and a paycheck from the writing when I’m brave enough to dream that much.