The worst day of my life was when I saw the look my dad gave me when I told him I was pregnant. I told him and he literally just looked at me, turned around and didn’t speak to me for 2 hours. When he finally came to talk to me I thought he was going to yell and scream at me. Such a silly thought to have, I did not grow up with parents that yelled and screamed at each other much less their children. He hugged me and started crying and saying how he only wanted the best for me. I just held him back crying saying “don’t cry daddy, don’t cry”.

It’s so funny to think about all those moments, and to share them. I share them because over the years I have changed so much, learned so much, grown so much. I could have never convinced my younger self that in the future I would have enough confidence to really live life the way I want. Heck, to be lounging around naked without caring if someone can see me. I absolutely enjoy this transition from my first real winter to spring, the slow receding of the snow exposing all the new growth.

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