We sat by the lake and ate lunch as he read from the book we have been reading together daily as a family. The boy was intently listening as he shoved a stick in the dirt all the while feeding his face. I crunched my meal while listening. Taking the moment in and realizing what was happening.

I do not share because it simply isn’t a necessity for me like it used to be. I’ve been hoarding these words for a while. My private thoughts: my life is boring.

On a random Tuesday, Christian finished work early so we trekked next door to Idaho to saunter along a portion of lake Pend Orielle. It was chilly and windy but sunny. Very pleasant. I collected random finds, the boy ran around finding amazing rock after rock, and Christian took pictures. Nothing Earth shattering.

After we ate lunch and took a break from our readings we scaled up a “hill” to take this picture. This is our life. One that gives us random Tuesday’s doing what we love best. Being together.

Welcome to my private life. We means three.